ADS1000 Direct Scale-out Flash Array
ADS1000 Direct Scale-out Flash Array

Delivering the ability to truly scale NVMe™ storage, networked to compute instead of captive to compute.  Capable of scaling to thousands of NVMe™ SSDs, with performance that is superior to captive PCIe connected SSDs! Apeiron has developed a completely new storage networking technology for next generation NVMe storage: “NVMe™ over Ethernet” (NoE).  NoE provides the economics and simplicity of Ethernet, in a non-blocking scale-out array.  This is unlike any other storage solution on the market... and it is here today.

Key features:

 Standards based 2.5” NVMe SSDs
  Optane ready
  18 million IOPs in 2U form factor
  100 microseconds latency*
  72 GB/sec throughput per 2U form factor
  Scaling to Petabytes in a single rack with multiple rack scaling


A high-density dual-socket rack server, offering outstanding performance, scalability, and simplified manageability. Using the high-performance and energy efficient Intel® Xeon E5-2695 v3 Dual-socket 1U form factor application server.

ADS-N8101 A high-density dual-socket rack server

The ADS40G provides the server to ADS1000 array dual port 40G connectivity.  One or two dual port ADS40G-HBA's can be populated in the ADS-N8101 server. The 40GbE QSFP+ connectors support fiber or 1m and 3m copper cables.

ADS1000 Splunk Appliance

Utilizing Apeiron’s Direct Scale-out Flash platform to provide a fully integrated Splunk solution; designed specifically for high performance, consolidation and the ability to access all your data in real time.

ADS1000 Direct Scale-out Flash Platform

Apeiron’s Direct Scale-out Flash platform is capable of scaling to thousands of NVMe™ SSDs. Providing a fully integrated compute, networking and storage solution, designed specifically for the high performance NVMe™ interface. No other system can deliver the performance, scalability and density of our standard 40Gb Ethernet based Apeiron Data Fabric, NVMe over Ethernet (NoE) technology.