Apeiron Adds Toshiba ZD6000 Series NVMe SSDs to ADS1000 System

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Delivering 30 million IO/s and 150TB in 4U
This is a Press Release edited by StorageNewsletter.com on 2016.07.13

Apeiron Data Systems, Inc. announced the availability of Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. ZD6000 series NVMe SSDs.

ASPERION2_SNInitial product availability from Toshiba is for both the 1.6 and 3.2TB drives, with higher densities becoming available later this year. Company’s NVMe over Ethernet (NoE) is a technology capable of scaling to thousands of NVMe drives, with performance actually superior to internal PCIe connected drives. The ADS1000 is capable of integrating any commercially available NVMe SSD, enabling the customer to deploy the proper drive profile for the application. The approval and availability of the ZD6000 series brings the total to four approved suppliers on the ADS1000 platform – more than any other NVMe platform.

Apeiron’s Direct Scale-out Flash delivers revolutionary performance density. We are excited to work with Apeiron to support their deployments of our ZD6000 series NVMe SSDs. Toshiba’s NVMe technology enables Apeiron’s customers to accelerate their big data applications at Petabyte-scale, while simultaneously providing a significant datacenter consolidation benefit” said Jeremy Werner, VP, marketing, SSD and storage solutions, Toshiba America Electronic Components.

The ADS1000 provides a single pool of high performance NVM, which enables IT to allocate NVMe storage across 100’s of servers. With an integrated 32 ports of 40GbE and 24 NVMe SSDs, this system packs performance and capacity in to a 2U building block, capable of scaling to thousands of drives. The elimination of external switching, and improved CPU utilization means Apeiron’s demonstrable TCO/ROI benefits are numerous. With servers and storage, the customer can access over 150million IO/s in a single floor tile.

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