Apeiron Inc and Congruity Agree to Global Support and Distribution Agreement

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Apeiron Data Systems continues to build out a comprehensive channel to accelerate sales and provide value added services to its customers

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Folsom, CA, August 12, 2016: Apeiron Data Systems announces a new comprehensive partnership with Congruity, headquartered in Pembroke, MA. The agreement provides Congruity with the ability to resell Apeiron hardware and software products with value added services for equipment buybacks, migration services, installation and support.
Apeiron’s ADS1000 has the industry’s highest performance NVMe storage network available. With 18.4M IOPS in each 2U enclosure the system’s performance density is absolutely unmatched in the industry. Apeiron is the only system capable of accommodating any NVMe drive supplier, providing a distinct cost and density advantage over proprietary cards or drives used in competitive systems. As the NVMe roadmap continues to grow and improve, Apeiron is ready to accommodate the highest densities and technology advancements. This includes Intel Corporation’s 3D XPoint technology™, which is marketed as having a 1000x performance advantage over traditional NAND based SSDs.
Congruity’s Vice President of Business Development, Jim Clifford said; “The addition of the Apeiron ADS1000 product line gives Congruity the ability to address our most demanding customers’ performance needs. With big data outperforming anything else on the market, Apeiron and Congruity can truly differentiate our product offerings. The comprehensive portfolio of Congruity’s budget-friendly offerings and migration services brings Apeiron the ability to accelerate their sales and installation efforts.”
Apeiron’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jeff Barber said; “The combination of Congruity’s sales and service expertise and Apeiron’s industry changing NVMe technology is a powerful one. Our ADS1000 demand in the Big Data analytics space is off the charts, so having the engineering, hosting and cost-savings expertise of Congruity enables Apeiron to focus on the product and delivery execution.”
About Apeiron: Apeiron Data Systems (www.apeirondata.com) delivers the world’s only native NVMe storage and storage networking devices. The ability to network thousands of NVMe drives from any supplier, in a manner completely transparent to the CPU, enables performance and throughout simply not seen in the storage industry today. Apeiron’s use of FPGA’s to replace the traditional storage controller, and the integration of all switching into the drive enclosure means that the physical footprint is reduced by ~70% (as is the expense and ongoing management of the storage environment). Apeiron has developed the technology to make NVMe All Flash Arrays truly cost competitive to traditional spinning disk, with exponentially better performance.

About Congruity: Congruity (www.congruity.com) is an IT services provider that specializes in comprehensive support and infrastructure solutions on a global scale. Established in March 2016 through the merger of Rockland IT Solutions and MSDI, Congruity provides a portfolio of solutions that enables end to end management of IT infrastructures for partners and customers. Congruity’s innovative and costeffective solutions are supported by highly qualified subject matter experts and a state-of-the-art, privately owned Data Center.
All mentioned brand names are registered trademarks and property of their respective owners. “3D XPoint is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.”

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