Apeiron: NVMe SSD Option for Direct Scale-Out Flash ADS1000 System

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Storage Newsletter18.4 million IO/s in 2U, using Samsung PM1725 NVMe SSDs

This is a Press Release edited by StorageNewsletter.com on 2016.07.15

Apeiron Data Systems, Inc. announced its qualification of the Samsung PM1725 NVMe SSD.


The company has developed an only native NVMe storage network, and therefore can support any SSD using the NVMe interface.

The completion of this testing represents the fourth NVMe drive option available from the firm. In addition to the unprecedented number of NVMe SSD options, the company has shattered the published performance of all other NVMe systems.

Throughout the qualification process, the system delivered a sustained 18.4 million IO/s from a single ADS1000 enclosure.

With 32 integrated ports of 40GbE and 24 NVMe SSDs, this system packs performance and density into a 2U form factor. Each enclosure can be integrated into a larger NVMe storage network, capable of supporting thousands of NVMe drives and hundreds of servers – all of this with better than internal NVMe SSD performance.

Compared to other all NVMe storage products, the ADS1000 provides over 180% better performance, and is less than 50% of their footprint. Because it is capable of integrating any commercially available NVMe SSD, the firm is able to match the applications’ workload with the appropriate drive profile – there are no proprietary SSD or flash card requirements.

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In using our PM1725 SSD with Apeiron’s latest NVMe SSD option – the Direct Scale-out Flash ADS 1000, data center managers will be able to realize the full performance potential of Samsung’s most advanced NVMe storage technology,” said Michael Williams, VP, memory product planning, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.The PM1725 represents the leading edge in NVMe performance capabilities and Apeiron’s Direct Scale-out Flash solution maximizes its usefulness in enhancing the effectiveness of storage technology for data center management.

The Direct Scale-out Flash ADS1000 delivers performance in a shared infrastructure. This integrated storage and networking solution leverages the components, resiliency and simplicity of 40GbE to provide a low latency NVMe network. This network is indistinguishable from internal server storage. To the client, the ADS1000 looks and acts like any other internal PCIe connected storage. However, the company’s technology is actually delivering all the capabilities, economics and scale of a shared storage environment.

Samsung PM1725 SSD

The typical latency and complexity of storage networking is eliminated by firm’s NVMe over Ethernet (NoE) technology. The integrated 40GbE switching is so fast that the firm has moved the bottleneck to where it belongs; the NAND architecture itself. Because the ADS1000 can leverage any commercial NVMe drive, the solution is designed to support future NVMe drive innovations in density and performance. A few suppliers such as Samsung Semiconductor have already shown the potential to reduce the typical NAND latency to less than 10 microseconds.

The company brings NVMe out of the individual server and into an efficient storage network. The ADS1000 provides a single pool of high performance NVMe that IT can allocate to an unlimited number of servers. With petabyte-scale NVMe storage, no external switching and improved CPU utilization, the firm provides a compelling TCO/ROI.

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