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  • The fabrics initiative

    I am asked often about Apeiron’s architecture and the Fabrics initiative.  My thoughts are posted here on the differences and similarities.  These solutions are complimentary, but address different market segments. Apeiron is working to address the need to provide externally attached, pooled NVMe storage features to what was traditionally Direct Attached Storage (DAS or scaleout). […]

  • Apeiron’s ADS1000 Architecture-How did we get here?

    I’m going to start this blog with some non-technical observations about cycles and history.  For those of us old enough to span multiple eras of fashion, music and technology we begin to see some familiar attributes emerge and be presented as “new”.  We hear familiar riffs in a brand-new song, we see new fashions emerge […]

  • Proud to be Based in the Sacramento Area

    Apeiron is proud to be based, and growing, in the Sacramento area. There is a great video with a summary of why we choose the Sacramento region to be based @selectsac. Here you can watch Jeff Barber, Chief Revenue Officer, discuss why we picked the Sacramento Area and specifically Folsom, CA to base and build […]

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