Ethernet Storage Fabric supports the next wave of NVMe

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Ethernet Storage Fabric supports the next wave of NVM with <3uS latency eliminating bottlenecks in scale-out real time big data clusters

Apeiron Data Systems®, Inc., August 12, 2015 (Folsom, CA) announces today they will be demonstrating their Apeiron Data Fabric™ on August 12-13 at Flash Memory Summit and August 18-20 at IDF. Apeiron’s ADF™ enables ultra-low latency scale-out clusters with independent scaling of compute and storage resources. Apeiron’s technology creates highly efficient, highly scalable, and easy to manage next generation NVM storage solutions for real time big data clusters.

Apeiron’s Data Fabric technology delivers external “pools” of storage with better performance, functions and features than what is attainable from Direct Attached Storage (DAS). Apeiron’s Shared DAS™ virtualization platform enables consistent ultra-low latency performance eliminating bottlenecks when scaling real time big data clusters. The Apeiron Data Fabric delivers reliable, highly scalable, consistent performance enabling a whole new category of real time, data-driven applications.

“Apeiron delivers all the promise and simplicity of DAS with the efficiency and capability of network attached storage. This is achieved through the Apeiron Data Fabric technology with industry leading low-latency NVMe over Ethernet protocol overhead of less than 3 microseconds.” said William Harrison CEO and Founder of Apeiron

“Apeiron’s Shared DAS platform provides the low-latency, performance and scalability needed for our most demanding customers”, said Brian Bulkowski CTO and founder of Aerospike

“NEC has been closely following Apeiron’s data fabric technology from its early stages and has been cooperating in the development and manufacturing of Apeiron’s products. Apeiron’s technology enables NEC to extend our ExpEther product family in support of high performance and low-latency shared NVMe storage,” said Shinji Abe, director, IT Platform Division, NEC Corporation.

Apeiron’s products will support NVMe over Fabrics management APIs and OpenStack for easy manageability and integration into data center management platforms. Apeiron will be presenting at Flash Memory Summit on Wednesday August 12 at 8:30am with technology demonstration in booth 819 and NVM Express™ community at the IDF in booth 877.