A New Storage Architecture

Unmatched Performance 18.4 Million IOPS in 2U ADS1000 Array

Apeiron Announces General Availability of the INTEL OPTANE U.2 Format SSD

Consolidation reduced CAPEX/OPEX

Seamlessly Scales to Petabytes        

Apeiron Data Systems Announces Dedicated Splunk Appliance With a Proven 10-90x Performance Advantage

The Apeiron Splunk Appliance (ASA) provides unmatched performance, scalability and economics

FOLSOM, CA, USA, September 20, 2017 / — Apeiron announced today the immediate availability of the Apeiron Splunk Appliance. This all in one NVMe appliance takes the guess work out of deploying Splunk environments of any size and performance profile.

Splunk was designed to manage storage environments from day-1. The application already has inherent functionality such as compression and replication. Apeiron recognized the fact that traditional controller-based storage arrays attached to complex SAN infrastructures creates significant bottlenecks. When virtualization is added, this latency is compounded. Apeiron recognized that a scalable NVMe network, presenting itself as internal storage, is what was needed. [...more]

ADS1000 - Direct Scale-out Flash
the world's only native NVMe scale-out platform

Industry’s highest performance scale-out NVMe™ platform capable of networking to 1,000's of standard NVMe SSDs and 100's of millions of IOPS

With the non-blocking efficiency of the Apeiron solution, the server is now able to utilize the full potential of NVMe™ storage

ADS PerformanceThe performance of standard Intel® servers can be increased by 150% on the efficiency of the ADS solution.

 The performance of standard Intel® servers can be increased by 150% on the efficiency of the ADS solution.  The ability to balance workloads across multiple NMVe drive profiles and create virtual LUN's enables 70% faster response times.

Apeiron provides unmatched performance, utilization and simplification.  Server efficiency is improved 150%, response times are 70% faster and hardware footprint is reduced by 80%. View the white paper and see how the ADS1000 has set a new performance and efficiency standard.

➡  2.5M IOPS 1U Server
➡  Linearly Scales to 100's of Millions of IOPS
➡  Scales to Petabytes
➡  3D XPoint™ technology Ready

See What Apeiron Will Do For You

ADS1000 Overview

This video describes the Apeiron ADS1000 native NVMe network architecture.


ADS1000 Performance Overview

This video describes how Apeiron achieves the fastest storage performance in the market today.


Splunk Appliance Overview

In this video we describe why the Apeiron architecture is ideal for applications such as Splunk.



45x faster reads - splunk with Apeiron faster than ever




ADS1000 Direct Scale-out Flash Array
ADS1000 Direct Scale-out Flash Array

Delivering the ability to truly scale NVMe™ storage, networked to compute instead of captive to compute.  Capable of scaling to thousands of NVMe™ SSDs, with performance that is superior to captive PCIe connected SSDs! Apeiron has developed a completely new storage networking technology for next generation NVMe storage: “NVMe™ over Ethernet” (NoE).  NoE provides the economics and simplicity of Ethernet, in a non-blocking scale-out array.  This is unlike any other storage solution on the market... and it is here today.

Key features:

 Standards based 2.5” NVMe SSDs
  Optane ready
  18 million IOPs in 2U form factor
  100 microseconds latency*
  72 GB/sec throughput per 2U form factor
  Scaling to Petabytes in a single rack with multiple rack scaling


A high-density dual-socket rack server, offering outstanding performance, scalability, and simplified manageability. Using the high-performance and energy efficient Intel® Xeon E5-2695 v3 Dual-socket 1U form factor application server.

ADS-N8101 A high-density dual-socket rack server

The ADS40G provides the server to ADS1000 array dual port 40G connectivity.  One or two dual port ADS40G-HBA's can be populated in the ADS-N8101 server. The 40GbE QSFP+ connectors support fiber or 1m and 3m copper cables.

ADS1000 Splunk Appliance

Utilizing Apeiron’s Direct Scale-out Flash platform to provide a fully integrated Splunk solution; designed specifically for high performance, consolidation and the ability to access all your data in real time.

ADS1000 Direct Scale-out Flash Platform

Apeiron’s Direct Scale-out Flash platform is capable of scaling to thousands of NVMe™ SSDs. Providing a fully integrated compute, networking and storage solution, designed specifically for the high performance NVMe™ interface. No other system can deliver the performance, scalability and density of our standard 40Gb Ethernet based Apeiron Data Fabric, NVMe over Ethernet (NoE) technology.

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